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Re: D1 and D60 the same?

" Your initial query whether a person with similar positions of planets in D1 and D60, would look or have similar kind of traits is incorrect "

I had said two different people, not the same person (unless I am interpreting you incorrectly and you do mean two different people, in which case my apologies).

I would not have been using the D60 if I wasn't sure of the birth time. The person with the D60 had the father cut the umbilical cord when they were born, and the father saw and recorded the birth time. I too rarely use the D60, but in this case I had to make an exception since the time of birth is accurate.

" You can say that D60 is the D1 of the past life of the native, but you can't just solely give predictions based on D1."

Exactly my point. One person's D60 (past-life), looks almost exactly the same way as another person's D1 chart (present day karmas). I am not using the D60 to make any predictions - just observing similarities between two different people.
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