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Re: D1 and D60 the same?

Your initial query whether a person with similar positions of planets in D1 and D60, would look or have similar kind of traits is incorrect. This is because then the divisional charts of the native in the previous birth would be very different, comparing to them in this birth. You can say that D60 is the D1 of the past life of the native, but you can't just solely give predictions based on D1.

The issue of the accuracy of the birth time is also important, but considering the fact that this only factor can change other the face of other divisional charts as well, we as the practitioners/learners of jyotish, have no other choice but to belief that the time is correct. The accuracy of the birth time can be verified as well, through rectifying with the native about the events that pertained accordingly with the dasha. D60 has a very important role to play, to assess the dignity of the planet and therefore, should not be ignored.
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