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Re: D1 and D60 the same?

There is a difference between D1 and D60 charts.First you have to understand what is D60 chart.How it is menifested through D1 rasi chart.You can only use D60 chart if you have very very accurate birth time.This reflects goodwill of a person in later age of after the age of retirement , be it from business or job.Let me describe why? See, 10th house of D1 means authority,achievement of success,status etc means it is a karma house in physical form.As i mentioned Its very difficult to use D60 untill we have accurate birth time.Now suppose if the lord of 10th house sign, is in capricorn sign in D60 where as the lord of capricorn is saturn.Next, if saturn is in first house of D1, this shows the person might be reputed, earns enough goodwill to enjoy after retired life.You can say its kind of BRAND or LOGO which sells of good companies.I hope you will understand with this small hint.The application of D60 vis-a-vis D1 is advance portion and a sensitive one.My advise is simply dont jump to such divisional chart.Simply stick to D1,D7,D9,applications.

Good luck..
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