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Same love life and friendship cycle, help!!

Hey how is everyone? I just want to come out and say that I'm in a jam. my real friendships and love life choices always seem to end as unfortunate ones. I often attract people who want to control me or compete with me, or at least end up in friendships like that. I'm always offering all my support, but they seem to keep me at arms length making me feel bad when I want to meet new people and do new things.I always end up attracting girls who are more emotionally troubled as well (recently broke up, on a hoe phase etc) so those obviously are less likely to work out. I'll break down my chart a little bit I guess.
Sun is in cancer, moon in Aquarius,
Venus and mars in Gemini,
Pluto is in first house, Scorpio rising,
sun, mars, Venus, and mercury in the 8th house,
Ascendant conjunct midheavan and lillith
and Leo lillith and midheavan. I just feel like I'm so laid back and chill and want people to have freedoms and do there own stuff yet I attract people who try to control me. Any reasons This could be happening from just the aspects I provided? Everyone always tells me I just need to surround myself with better people who want me to do well in life, but I can't help surround myself with those people if it's not something I'm doing conciously.

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