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Santa Fe, TX Murders

"KOSMETATOS, ROSEMARIE P who was 30 (born ABT 1970) married 25 MAR 2000 in HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS, U.S.A. a groom named ANTONIOS PAGOURTZIS who was 45 (born ABT 1955)."

Source: Texas state-wide marriage and divorce indices (public domain).

Houston is in Harris County which is Northwest of Galveston County where Santa Fe is.

"Date of Birth (DOB),
Birthday 4th of August, 2001"

I suspect effects of bullying began to take root in 2015 when Saturn crossed his natal Pluto and Mars, opposed his natal Saturn and squared his MC; the effects fomenting for 3 years. The final trigger may have been the conjunction of transit Mars and Saturn on April 2, 2018 enveloped by hard aspects from Mars to many midpoints in the Tropical Zodiacs cardinal signs and accompanied by aspects from transiting Neptune and Pluto. There were too many aspects to go over or even list them all.

My speculative chart for Dimitrios Pagourtzis: 3:35 pm, CDT, Santa Fe. If birthplace is within several hundred miles only the angles would change. MC in Santa Fe - 1604 Virgo, in Houston - 1544' Virgo, in Galveston - 1620' Virgo. Asc's 6 Sag.
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