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Re: Horary Receptions Debate & Poll

Im your first voter

When i first started studying horary, i bought John Frawleys book and worked with that, as couldn't really understand Lily that great.

So regarding receptions with your example of "Venus in Libra" i would have said venus doesn't like mars, as this was the way John F taught in his book.

Then i came across this site and joined up....and realized most people were reading receptions the opposite way around. So then it took me almost a full month to turn the receptions around and get used to reading them the other way around.

So now i go by "Venus in Libra" mars hates venus, with mars receiving venus by fall. But tbt a couple of times in my own charts this way around has not made sense.

So i'm still carrying on with the same receptions, but i don't know sometimes i have doubts.
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