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Re: The worst day at work

Originally Posted by deepminde View Post

today was an awful day. I had an emotional meltdown at work. For about 1 and a half moth I do the work of two people. I'm constantly tired, irritated, unsatisfied. The amount of today's work was unbearable. This was the last straw. The boss of my group saw it, finally. She wanted to speak with me but was emotionally unstable. She started to talk but I just could listen, I wanted to cry and I walked out. Of course she was not satisfied but I just couldn't help it.
What does she think of me?
I wrote a full delineation of the chart but it vanished and I am too tired to write it up again.

But in short, go talk to your bosses and resolve things. Venus, the boss. Moon inconjuncts. Venus has no reception to Mars, and trine ASC, so she is not thinking anything negative of you. talk it all and see what comes up. Early ASC, this is yet to be resolved.
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