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Breaking glass - spiritual omen

I wondered what people's thoughts on breaking glass are as a spiritual omen?

To me they signify something urgent is in the making, and there is about to be a change. I remember once when my landlord had to decide between two tennants and he was asking me what my opinion was. There were two tennants for one room, long story but both ended up renting the room at the same time, so one had to go. I felt it was fair that the original tennant should keep the room and the new one should leave. (the original one had gone on extended holiday but my landlord though the had left). There had to be an ending of the brief tennancy relationship with the new tennant and I was really pushing this point, my landlord was holding a glass which fell and smashed, which to both of us signified an ending, of the conversation and of the new persons tennancy.
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