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Re: Why am I feeling so intense and volatile?

Quite a bit going on in your chart now -- you have 3/4 of a grand square in your natal with the moon in Aries, Venus in cancer, and Jupiter in Libra which is now being completed by the transist of Pluto in Capricorn. In addition, transiting Uranus is conjunct your moon in Aries with a resultant square to Jupiter and Venus ... very volatile and quick to ignite emotions and hard to control.

Looking at just one of these which is the Uranus conjunct moon with the Pluto opposition - (and this is without bringing in the existing natal relationships) indicates that your emotions and your friends (moon rules the 11th) and maybe a "special" friend (moon in 7th) might be coming to some type of end of relationship (Uranus ruler of the 4th of endings/home) as a result of maybe either sickness or maybe work (Uranus in 6th). Bring the Pluto opposition in here indicates quite a bit of conflicting internal thoughts (Pluto rules third house) and maybe some manipulation on either side or both sides.

I can't do your chart justice in just a few paragraphs --- let me say that there are many "touches" going on in your chart.
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