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Re: Aspects self harm/ hatred

I am suicidal for years and try to commit twice. All my life, I hate myself, I am praying for death everyday

I am Cancer with Virgo Moon. Mercury, Mars all in Cancer.
Libra asc but Pluto in first house. Pluto aspects are good. But;

Saturn-SN in 2nd opposite Venus-NN in 8th, both sqaure Jupiter in 4th
Neptune in 3rd opposite Sun-Mars in 9th.

I am living the three kinds of water signs at the same time. And to make matters worse, Virgo Moon, God I hate that! This is just a self-torturer, nothing more.

Virgo Moon: From outside, your life is beautiful, you have everything, everything's going fine but in your head; you're always unhappy, your life is always bad and you always deserve to die. And no one sees it you never show outside.
"fish doesn't think because fish knows everything"
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