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You are right. I was using the western and have no idea how I got cancer. It would be Virgo. And i thought i had it all figured out... I don't know how that would fit in to the equation.

My mars is in the fifth house, which seems kind of fitting. Mars, for me, is like this unruly teenager that I constantly have to keep in check. It's promiscuous and daring. It seems to be constantly looking for trouble and pushing boundaries. Before I settled down, I was the ultimate party girl - partying all night, hooking up with random guys, experimenting with drugs. Above all, I've prided myself on how much I was not needy, emotional, or really very feminine. In retrospect, I see this as that strong renegade mars energy gone wild in the party house.

Your Mars would be in the 6th house, correct? This is the house of health and service. It determines how the mind affects the body, which would make a lot of sense on the original topic. I can see how that uncontrolled action oriented mars energy could wreak havoc on the body, especially considering some of the other hard aspects in your chart. I'm wondering if you have an intense fitness routine. Virgo governs the 6th house. Virgo can be a bit of a health nut and I'd imagine that mars energy would really push you to the extreme in that area, especially with a Virgo rising.

I just noticed, is your moon in cancer? The moon switched over to Leo by my birth time, but looks like you are just barely in cancer.
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