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Originally Posted by sworm09 View Post
I think that it's more likely that you will ask for his.

You're the Sun in Aquarius in the 7th, in the house that rules him. However he makes no aspect to you. Saturn receives the Sun, but there's no relationship between the two signs. This suggests to me that it will come about through your striving rather than through anything on his part.

The Moon in aversion from the Ascendant is also a testimony that he won't.

He is in a cadent sign that is in averison from the Ascendant. That's another testimony that he won't act.

Your significator is however in an angular house and hovering around the Descendant. You're more active in this chart than he is.

So you may get his number, but it seems like it will only be through effort on your part. Since Saturn is involved here, I don't think there's anything romantic going on. The Sun's next aspect is to Mercury, ruler of the 11th. This could mean a few different things. You might end up just becoming friends with him (considering the above, likely) or more specifically you might end up asking him for his number in a group setting, a business setting because of Mercury.

Good luck!
Thank you! Yes, ironically I obtained his number yesterday through a group text message our superior sent. The timing was ironic because I posted this and then got the message, and they typically would just send out an email. He isn't aware I saved it but as you said I'd get his first and I did.

Where is it that you see nothing romantic going on? His behavior is flirty but I'm beginning to admit it won't go farther than work. I guess I'm wondering if it shows why in the chart.
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