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Re: Newbie: Aquarius sun, Taurus Moon, Leo Rising

Originally Posted by Taurus Moon View Post
Hey everyone !!!!!!!!

I'm new here! I'm from London, UK.

I have one friend that can talk to about astrology and i'll be honest it gets lonely as i have no one to bounce from! I want to learn from someone instead of me always teaching, It would be nice to bounce of you guys and learnnnnn.

I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes astrology, definitely got alot more to learn!

Lol i've attached my chart if anyone wants to share anything unusual as i'm still studying and learning my chart.

The universe knocked on my door and that was it! I was offfff!!

i'm currently learning how to interpret transits

plssssss talk to me

I'm chuckling. With all those planets in the 7th house and Leo rising, of course you'd say "plsssssss talk to me". Welcome to the forum!
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