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Re: Should I ask him out?

As Tikana pointed out, the moon here is void of course, so not a lot will come out of the issue, whether you ask him out or not.
Also, Saturn rules both the 7th and the 6th, so as Osamenor pointed out you risk compromising your work situation, which is an important consideration.
The significators sun and Saturn are coming to a conjunction in the 5th, but sun first has to connect with Venus and with Neptune.
Saturn is strong in its own sign, but in sun's house and in the Face of sun, so he too has some interest in you. Saturn is in the degree of the ascendent again showing some connection, but inconjunct, so an uncomfortable connection.
Do you know, by the way, whether he is available or in a relationship?
Rather than ask him out, why not just test the waters, find out if he is available if you don't know yet (Venus near the descendent could be a woman), have coffee together, etc.
Get to know him better, and give him a chance to ask you out.
Consider also that Neptune of delusion is on the cusp of the 8th of sex, are you sure he is sexually available to you?
Note that he as Saturn is moving to a conjunction with disruptive Pluto, ruler of the 4th end of matters, and this will happen before you yourself reach Saturn.
Probably best to find out more before you make a move.
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