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Re: Should I ask him out?

Originally Posted by LovelyMissAries View Post
And the fact we work together. I would die if he said no and we still were in the same office. If we DID develop a relationship, we'd have to work in separate departments.
Those are complications you get if you ask out a coworker. And reason enough, in and of themselves, not to do it, even if said coworker is someone you definitely would ask out if you knew them under different circumstances.

But it sounds like you're not even sure he is someone you would ask out if you knew him under different circumstances. Is that correct?

I also think you're more interested in him than he is in you. His significator is in domicile, and your significator is the one applying the conjunction. My understanding of horary significators in domicile is that they represent a person who's in their element and focused on doing their own thing.

And Saturn has no aspects other than that separating square from Moon and very wide orb conjunction from Sun. I read that as, he probably isn't taken (aspect to another planet would indicate involvement with someone else), but he's much more interested in other things, and possibly not really available because of it. Expressed interest from you might feel flattering to him, but I don't think it would shift his focus.
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