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Re: Is he interested?

Originally Posted by IleneK View Post
You as Moon are very weak in this matter, in your fall in Scorpio.

He as Saturn in the the sign of your detriment, Capricorn. And he has no particular reception to you in Scorpio.

So not a lot of warmth or attraction going on here reception-wise.

He is in his own house, so interested in himself, his matters. Venus, another woman, in his 7th house and in the sign of his dignity, AQ.

So it looks like he is involved with someone else presently.
The applying sextile is not to be denied, just is not very strong.
What are the circumstances under which you are you meeting him? Is the declared intent casual or romantic?

Well, he definitely likes me and wants to spend some time with me. I wanted to know if this is something casual or he actually sees me as something more. If I am in detriment does that mean that I am going to get hurt, etc.? We have a mutual friend and we are meeting because of him.

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