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Re: Capricorn conjunction kicking my a**

I can't look up the timing of the transits right now, have to log off soon because my husband is about to fix something on my computer for me. I will try to look up the timing tomorrow.

I wanted to say though. that even if it seems like Saturn/Pluto squaring your Aries planets is kicking your ***---in reality it is rebuilding and restructuring your 8th and 11th---Unearthing outdated behaviour patterns, removing old emotional blockages, clearing deadwood, making way for fresh growth.

It is going to make you feel very uncomfortable, for Saturn and Pluto to be plowing through your Capricorn energy. It is unsettling and as you say, you feel you are losing things you have long relied upon and don't know what is going to happen next.

The good news is that it is up to you what happens next. Deadwood is being cleared to make way for your new seeds to grow. Plant whatever you would like. You are in charge of the new garden.

Tr Uranus is coming to meet up with your Cap Moon. Total emotional revolution. UPGRADE

Your 11th house evolves as you create new friendships, new aspirations, new social networks. A new life!

Let it go for now. Some things are being ripped away. Let it go...
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