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Re: help with vocations/life purpose

Thank you for your reply

What you say is true...

I do feel that I am in a bad position with my chart, moon conjunct uranus and sun conjunct neptune make for a rather erratic liife in and out at times it suites me and other times causes real distress. I also don't think being a gem rising, cap sun and sag moon helps matters!!! Do you think jupiter in scorpio has any influence on vocation?

My 6th has uranus, moon and jupiter..i have thought about training for social work?? due to experience in similar roles over the years ie support work, homeless, mental health etc

I enjoy crafts/art too, have thought about seling online as uranus indicates business.. but see no signs of ability in my chart though!! Its odd that I have many pisces type interests and traits about me but no pisces in my chart, in fact hardly any water, maybe its the conjunction? But i doubt that has any real effect.

Thanks and sorry for my rambling.

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