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Re: Looking back - can a cycle of ups & downs in a life be seen?

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
I have no idea who or what AJ Astrology is

and I found nothing through a Google
or A.W search,

which makes it impossible to comment on whatever research was commented on.
interesting because a link to the thread under discussion
is as follows:
Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post

The O.P made a personal comment about a possible condition.
If you re-read my post I don't think you will see me 'drawing any kind of reliable conclusion', rather than stating what showed up regularly in example charts (the number would have been higher had I included 'probable' but non-diagnosed charts).

If 60 charts is not a reliable basis to be considered, what on Earth are astrologers .
and this forum ..
doing when basing interpretations upon aspects in a single chart?
so far as our forum is concerned
we are an astrological LEARNING forum
so all of us members of this forum are
the vast majority of us being beginners
with little or no experience

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post

Is it not possible to find associations through research
that doesn't come from an ancient lore and/or already written book?
research, to be statistically significant
requires statistically significant data samples and/or sampling

earlier I quoted A J Astrology on that issue
i.e. specifically
in response to the following comment
Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post

Further to Osamenor's explanation, I have about 60 charts on file
that have been officially diagnosed as autism
OR on the autism spectrum/asperger's syndrome scales.
interesting - however AJ Astrologys valid comment is:
Originally Posted by AJ Astrology View Post

...............the sample isn't statistically valid.
In college our statistics class
was required to work with the university policy center
who conducted phone and written polls on a wide variety of topics.

A representative statistical sample for the US is roughly 2,386 people.
and so clearly
60 charts is insufficient to draw any reliable conclusion
Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post

I guess if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck,
it could still be a goose.
or alternatively
a decoy as used by those who go hunting, shooting and fishing
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