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Re: Looking back - can a cycle of ups & downs in a life be seen?

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Second saturn return. I am at a point where I'm starting to be comfortable with who I am, truthful recognition of my limitations and motives to act in my own best interest vs. accommodating others. In fact, starting to fit in and be the popular person I was when younger - now in an office environment instead of the arts. But. I really don't want another extended period of emotional trauma.

What is interesting as I was noticing that these things tend to happen in 10 year cycles. Trying to remember what '89 was like, and I think it was the time I got out of the arts and got a desk job ... ushering in a time of very hard work and illustrating that whereas I fit in with artists and creatives, I was seen as a misfit in an office. I worked hard though, right up and into 2009 (when I slammed into a very ugly time). I find the timing interesting. Looks like the 89 period was the first Saturn return (around 28/30?).
PROFECTIONS are useful in tandem with other HELLENISTIC TIME LORD techniques
such as those linked to on the podcast already mentioned
Valens and many now termed Hellenistic Astrologers time profections as follows:

The ascendant is considered as being time of birth
so from birth to the cusp of the 2nd house
is considered to relate to the first year of life:
from cusp of 2nd to cusp of 3rd encompasses the second year of life
(ie from age one to age two)
and so on around the natal chart
returning to the Ascendant for the twelfth year of life
Originally Posted by dr. farr View Post

Yes, I find profection to be the most accurate of our predictive tools
working from the natal chart (with simple symbolic progression coming in a close second,
and the 2 worked together really productive of impressive results);
the question is which system of profection to follow-
Solar Fire I believe uses the Egyptian method,
counting the birth ascending sign as year 0;
probably 99% of those using profection follow this method:
I have had good results with it too, but
have come to prefer the Pauline profection
as I have described it in earlier posts.
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