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Re: Looking back - can a cycle of ups & downs in a life be seen?

Originally Posted by hebetude View Post
I'm looking back from my great age of 58 years old, and thinking about my life, the choices I made and the periods where things were desperately going wrong.

Can these periods be seen in a chart?
The quick answer is yes, but it would be necessary to have a working knowledge of what astrological symbolism means and understand the astro. techniques of transits and progressions to the natal chart.

If you would care to wile away a few interesting hours during the winter, go to Astro. com, click on 'all about astrology', then on the free 9000 yr. ephemeris available. Click on your birth century, year, and then follow down to your month/date. Every day following your birth equals one year of life.
E.g. Doing it manually and as a simple example, you will see that 4th April 1962 would coincide with 'events' that took place around 1980.

All the personal planets move at their specific rates of daily motion and can aspect a natal planet at some time or other. In the month following your birth, even secondary progressed Jupiter's rate of motion led it towards activating and completing its long time natal conjunction with Mercury-Mars.
This would have been around 21st April 1962 = 1997 progressed.
Etc. etc.
Such progressions usually infer a once in a lifetime change.

Writing down the years that progressed planets activate a natal planet and THEN looking up the transits during that particular year can often see a correspondence with situations. they resemble 'the trigger' that sets something off.

The zodiacal cycles of planets can also be of significance in timing.

By the time you've finished the exercise, spring might be around the corner, and you will be a lot wiser.
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