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Re: Looking back - can a cycle of ups & downs in a life be seen?

Yod, finger of god - i would have thought would bring me great good luck. Could use some guidance on this.

Second saturn return. I am at a point where I'm starting to be comfortable with who I am, truthful recognition of my limitations and motives to act in my own best interest vs. accommodating others. In fact, starting to fit in and be the popular person I was when younger - now in an office environment instead of the arts. But. I really don't want another extended period of emotional trauma.

What is interesting as I was noticing that these things tend to happen in 10 year cycles. Trying to remember what '89 was like, and I think it was the time I got out of the arts and got a desk job ... ushering in a time of very hard work and illustrating that whereas I fit in with artists and creatives, I was seen as a misfit in an office. I worked hard though, right up and into 2009 (when I slammed into a very ugly time). I find the timing interesting. Looks like the 89 period was the first Saturn return (around 28/30?).

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First I was reading the story and I thought 'she definitely has a Yod in her chart'. And Bingo.....

And the anvil, which is your 2nd Saturn Return is coming steadily.....

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