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My son

So my son has been doing spastic movements with a loud noise and jumping and jerking at the same time, every three seconds for the last 7 days. He has had behavioural issues in the past which involved things that seemed more psychological and of jealousy rage. When he used to come home from kindy he would be in rage and throw chairs at the walls (he is only 4) but now I've gotten my mum to look after the twins so I can be with him myself and so he just throws a hissy fit with resistance. He pulls his lip a lot at times and other times blinks his eyes frequently or he might just scream continuously whilst kicking a pole. He is also hyperactive but for someone so daring and good with climbing he is incredibly accident prone when just walking straight. I mean he can't even walk properly on a footpath without stacking it.

I'm going to the dr tomorrow and I need to be clear with what I want. I'm not sure if he needs a psychologist or neurologist. But basically he doesn't stop moving and he keeps tensing his muscles or jerks recklessly. The only thing that calms him down is the iPad, swimming lessons.

As far as I know mercury rules neurological disorders. His mercury is in Scorpio square moon. Scorpio rules hormones and endocrine but I think maybe even diabetes? Maybe this is the reason.

I'll just add that childbirth with my son was traumatic. He had bruising on the top of his head and it was hot for two days. I also had gestational diabetes.

So yeah let me know what you think and what course of action you think is best.

The chart keeps expiring so here are his birth details.

20th November 2012, adelaide, south Australia, 12:43pm.

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