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Re: When 5 Planets Are Retrograde?

I have 5 retrograde planets.

Mostly, it doesn't have a big impact.

A retrograde planet's expression tends to turn inward, vs. having a more direct outward expression.

The modern outer planets go retrograde fairly often, so you would share their effects with a few billion other people.

I don't know if you have Saturn opposite sun, but for people who do, Saturn will always be retrograde. Saturn's tendency to criticize may be turned inward on yourself. Saturn opposite sun would have this effect, regardless.

In my experience Jupiter retrograde people tend to have a serious streak. They can and do have a sense of humour (cf. Monty Python comedian John Cleese) but also less flexibility and more formality.

[If you watch Cleese's old Monty Python and Fawlty Towers TV shows, he often played a character who was serious in the midst of an absurd situation.]

With Mercury retrograde, one's mind tends to look inward, turning over disparate facts until finding the key that makes them fit together.
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