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Re: When Will I get a Job?

[QUOTE=Tanuj Srivastava;1015587]
Dear kshantaram sir
It has been very encouraging and motivating to be able to interact with you.

Sir would I be correct in saying that

Did i say all this, in that case better quote what i have said and seek calrification if any in context. can infer things for yourself based on the prolonged discussions we have had on the planetary placements, dasas and transits current and immediate future. Do you expect me to again recast all the explanations. Need to be fair to me, not being so obsessed with astrology and focusing on your professional agenda for success.

From Jan 24 2020 when Saturn transit in Capricorn my good period will start :

Sat transit own cap 6th, good for insurancce, protection from maor dangers, success amidst adversity, prone to chronic knee-urological-piles issues etc which could have mentioned earlier in case.

Sat cap elevated aspect libra 5th supportive of luck-education-position-foreign relationship etc;

Mars antardasha from Sep 2020 will also be good for me
Rahu antardasha from Sep 2021 will be bad for me but not as bad as the current Moon antardasha :

Mars-rahu libra 5th, delays in luck-education-children, rise-fall in life, toxic health issues heart-stomach-kidney inflammations; Mars negating employment prospects as lord 6th; irritable stormy temperament in wavery libra impacting romance-relationship; mars elevated aspect cap 8th protective from major dangers; Rahu raises and leads to a fall to care;

Saturn mahadasha from Jan 2024 to 2043 will be very good for me :

Sat own acq 9th, reformist, innovative, technical aptitudes, distant lands; settling life at 36+

Sat however aspects aries 11th for income-gains; leo 3rd for siblings and intiatives and communicaitons; and aspects scorpio 6th for health n employment - hence not all that smooth, there could be challenges/stresses same time to cope with, with prayers to saturn; Saturn will save from hurdles through luck factor and reform;

Mercury mahadasha from Jan 2043 to 2060 will also be very good for me :

Mer asc lord own elevated virgo 4th, growth-riches through intellectual pursuits, literary-oratory-astro etc; sun-mer-venus virgo, artistic aptitudes; could be rags to riches story; venus virgo debilated n self-centred; sun-venus combust needing zinc supplements for health;

wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart; Offer white flowers to Mata Durga wed evenings; eat cooked large white beans fridays, may donate 125gms to Mata Durga at the temple too. Venus lord 5th for luck-education-romance-children-position debilated, debilation cancelled, gradual improvements;

If you could please clarify this to me.

try to infer from all that has been already shared so far, and make best use of the available information and take preventive or strategic actions based on the guidance, winning divine grace with faith n effort. curiosity is appreciated. read about astrology freely availabe on the internet.

Jupiter scorpio 6th makes you indulge in research-occult, deep thinking etc, while takes efforts in career building as lord 10th for career; and prone to urological-intestinal-liver issues, while it is jup dasa;

jup trine pisces 10th supporive of career however with extra efforts; trine cancer 2nd supportive of family-finances-education-speech etc; May like to work in research work environments;

Do ask query most significant for the moment or you are most concerned about, remedies etc, and initiate proactive and corrective actions to reach the goal without gettting distracted with too much of information. Which makes you skip to some another question again and again, unending.

wishing you well, kshantaram

jup dasa, jup-sat-ketu now in badhak sag 7th, pain-injury-surgery to care from; detachment in relationship/marraige;
sat aspect own acq 9th protective of luck-education-travels but not good for health of father as would have said earlier;
sat lord 9th for luck unde stress-delays in badhaka sag;

jup transit own sag prosepcts of growth through advisory roles but under stress;
trine aries 11th for income-gains effective mid-course mar-june 020,
and trine leo 3rd supportive of initiative-communications-applications-written tests etc.
ketu could act as the catalyst, hyper-ambitious and impulsive in sag.

natal ketu aries 11th detachment from income-gains-friendships-relationships; hyper-impulsive;
pain-injury-surgery; light til oil diya daily for Lord Ganesha with prayers;

for jup scorpio 6th for health-employment, float 125gms yellow chanadal per month over clean flowing river
tues after sunset with visit to Mata Mahakali temple, or donate at the temple.

hope now will rest your mind and focus on your career plans etc hereon.
btw how were your UPSC exams, hope your optional paper was not Astrology!
Donate to your Delight!!!

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