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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Dear kshantaram sir
It has been very encouraging and motivating to be able to interact with you.

Sir would I be correct in saying that

From Jan 24 2020 when Saturn transit in Capricorn my good period will start.
Mars antardasha from Sep 2020 will also be good for me
Rahu antardasha from Sep 2021 will be bad for me but not as bad as the current Moon antardasha
Saturn mahadasha from Jan 2024 to 2043 will be very good for me
Mercury mahadasha from Jan 2043 to 2060 will also be very good for me
So Sir I believe that from Jan 24 2020 Saturn transit in Capricorn my life will become peaceful and happy till the end of my life.

Sir am I correct in believing this? If you could please clarify this to me.

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