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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Your Mummy-daddy are passing through shani sadesati causing emotional stress.

Sat is badhaka for father passing through bhagya sthan causing slow-down,

He does seem quite slow, Stubborn Rude Arrogant.He doesn't really do much at home either.
ketu transit 9th tending to distant lands and distancing from his father

Well my grandfather and grandmother have both passed a long time ago.

, pain-injury-surgery etc; hope jup now transit own sag helps grow spiritually trine own aries asc for healtjh and trine leo 5th for luck-children-position year ahead, though under stress under sade-sati.

Well I will carefully observe this time period and provide feedback as this period has just started if he will be spiritual or not.
Natal sat is elevated libra 7th good for mass supervision and public admin, objectivity, law-justice, though marriage could be under stress-delay, while not much to worry as such, while it is 19yrs sat dasa now till age 72 or so.

My parents had arrange marriage they haven't even seen each other before marriage.My Father has gained a lot from my mother and this marriage but still is abusive to my mother.My mother has not gained anything from this marriage and she curses her own mother for forcefully marrying her to my
father.My parents do not like each other.I sure hope that they get divorced.

Mer-sat libra good at negotiation skills, while could have kidney-skin issues under stress;
He does have a black mole on his face between his eyebrows.I am not sure if he has good negotiation skills and his kidney issues.
Recite Tatwa Niranjanaya Taraka Ramaya Namaha, donate uraddal at Ramalaya fri evenings 1.25kg per month, along with 1.25kg green moongdal, mer lord 3/6 for challenges/hurdles over 7th.

Mother too under sadesati, jup-sat-ketu transit moon 3rd, pain-injury-surgery, detachment from siblings, etc.

Sir this seems untrue because my mother has a lot of attachement with her siblings both brothers and sisters.She is the eldest of all 5 of her siblings.She has 2 younger sisters and 3 younger brothers.Her father my grandfather had passed away a long time ago.
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