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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Your Mummy-daddy are passing through shani sadesati causing emotional stress.

Sat is badhaka for father passing through bhagya sthan causing slow-down, ketu transit 9th tending to distant lands and distancing from his father, pain-injury-surgery etc; hope jup now transit own sag helps grow spiritually trine own aries asc for healtjh and trine leo 5th for luck-children-position year ahead, though under stress under sade-sati. Natal sat is elevated libra 7th good for mass supervision and public admin, objectivity, law-justice, though marriage could be under stress-delay, while not much to worry as such, while it is 19yrs sat dasa now till age 72 or so. Mer-sat libra good at negotiation skills, while could have kidney-skin issues under stress; Recite Tatwa Niranjanaya Taraka Ramaya Namaha, donate uraddal at Ramalaya fri evenings 1.25kg per month, along with 1.25kg green moongdal, mer lord 3/6 for challenges/hurdles over 7th.

Mother too under sadesati, jup-sat-ketu transit moon 3rd, pain-injury-surgery, detachment from siblings, etc. Rahu dasa till age 63.5 or so, rahu debilated/neecha in scorpio, sat-rahu conjunct in 2nd scorpio for family-finances-distant lands, remedy for sat-rahu scorpio already suggested.

Would like if you confirm ground feedbacks how true-untrue etc from the reading before proceeding to the next question
or ventilate, though your pains can be understood. While the chart posted by you is in small print and not legible to this older retired man, which you do not read the fine print of reading, having to keep repeating and clarifying things, fast moving gemini, hyper-analytical gathering lot of information and confused. Please go step by step and start doing something to overcome instead of getting stuck going nowhere.

Takes lot of time to compose a reading or answering queries occupying all the time, while pointwise feedbacks sounds encouraging confirming various details.

Hope the information helps you further for an idea. Have faith in yourself and the Lord. For gemini ascendant recite gayatri mantra, vishnu stotra.

Wishing you well, kshantaram
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