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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
Your parents have moons in sag-cap 2/12 lords jup-sat which have neutral emotional compatibility, lacking grahamaitri, while the lagnas are aries-libra married by mere attractions.

Your relationship may improve when your sat reaches own acq 9th for father,
maturing then, time for taking long-term decisions of life and change, distant lands, etc. sat acq for reform n innovation.

In the meanwhile try the remedy suggested for 32 weeks.

You have no choice now selecting your parents, and may be have lessons to learn, learning to be practical like your father, and philosophical like your mother, overcoming your confused analytical gemini moon.

Your mother has sat-rahu in her 2nd house of family-finances-speech, rise-fall in life; May float 1.25kgs each whole black uraddal and rai over a clean flowing river tues after sunset, and donate 125gms each at Mahakali temple with prayers.

Sat-rahu scorpio, research-occult-forensic aptitudes, secretive, suspicious, sentimental, sarcastic, etc. her relationship with her own father could have been strained. ketu taurus 8th, love of food-comfort, hyper-energetic, creative, stubborn; prone to pain-injury-surgery; She has jup leo 11th with commanding attitude, stress-delays in income-gains-friendships, prone to diabetes, gains through medical/advisory roles;

Your father has elevated saturn in libra 7th for marriage and elevated jupiter over cancer 4th for domestic comforts with debilated aspect over cap 10th for career;

But charts without grahamaitri between the moons which is essential, neutral though. Moreover husbands sign should not follow that of the wife sag/cap.
The reverse in this case is acceptable cap-sag.

Do not know about their moon nakshatras, the charts attached by you have small faint print making them not legible to read.

hope this information helps with lessons to draw. focus on your own goals n development not crying over spoilt milk, coping with destiny with prayers and goodwill towards all.

wishing well, kshantaram

Parents nakshatra mula-uttarashada with no tarabal or mutual luck; uttarashada being 3rd from mula suggesting mutual non-compatibility; Mula with deep roots able to go to depth but bound by karma difficult to pull out; uttarashada a noble nakshatra but temperamental. Female Moola Rakshasa gana- Male Uttarashada Manushyagana not acceptable and both male nakshatras too instead of female-male, 13/36 points, 25-30% compatibility only.

May donate 1.25kg each White til and Wheat at Shivalaya on a thursday evening with prayers.

Ir may be interesting to see how the horoscopes were matched some 3o yrs back when people were yet fairly traditional.
May be marriage by mere attractions.

Better focus on your own development now, not worrying about historical matters, while doing your duties, keeping all this merely for your own information, while doing your best, remedies etc.

You are Great Sir, As always superb in your analysis.

Sir,My father thinks he is better than everybody else even if he is wrong.He is extremely arrogant and an egoist.He just has a lot of self pride for no reason.He looks down upon others.He is very controlling in nature ,he likes to control and dominate others including his own children and wife.He is good at Maths.He did Btech in Chemical Engineering from HBTI Kanpur.He joined PSU and State Government job after Btech.But suddenly after sometime he quit his government job and decided to go into business,my mother asked him not to but he didn't listen.He failed in business and after that currently he is a Plant and Machinery
valuer but hardly gets any clients.He does not earn much and has a unstable job.My elder brother also does not like him.Nobody likes my father because of extreme ego and attitude.He also has a very controlling nature.He speaks and talks very loudly as well.He also has very harsh and rough tone voice.He hardly smiles and remains angry,grumpy,irritated all the time.He shows attitude all the time and is very hard to live and deal with.I think my parents got married in 1978.My father farts (passing gas problem) a lot as well.He also has genetic male pattern baldness (hairloss problem) because of which I am also suffering from hair loss and hair fall problem but my elder brother does not suffer from hairloss even though my brother is 14 years older than me born in 1981.My mother has good hair so my elder brother probably got hair from her.

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