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Re: When Will I get a Job?

moon gemini, analytical, confused decision making;
moon cap, ambitious, hardworking, practical, good event management, etc

Dear Sir, You have mentioned Moon in Capricorn but my moon is placed in 1st house Gemini ascendant,I am not able to understand this,Please Kindly Clarify.

Moons gemini-sag, opp, lords mer-jup, positive planets
but badhaka for each other,
Moon sag, philosophical, optimistic, ambitious, impulsive, sportive;

Here again Good Sir, you have mentioned moon in Sagittarius,I am not able to understand it please clarify

May donate at shivalaya 1.25kg each wed morning,
whole green moongdal, black whole uraddal, yellow chanadal;
may repeat 125 gms each every week for 32 weeks;
I will definitely perform the remedy and very grateful for your valued guidance and suggestion. Thank You Sir.

hope this helps, wishing you well,
As Always Sir, You have had a very positive and uplifting impact on my life through this incredible and treasured interaction.
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