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Re: When Will I get a Job?

currently sat lord 9th is for 2.5yr transit sag 7th badhaka for gemini asc,
aspects own acq 9th supportive of luck-education-travels,
but not good for health of father or the relationship.
transit sat square natal sun and aspecting sun at conflict;

natal sat is placed 6th from sun karaka for father/health;
at conflict with father/parents and stressed health;

9th house signifies guru/father,
sat own acq 9th a reformist/innovator with tech/mech aptitudes;
tending to distant lands and distant travels;

19yrs shani dasa now, may recite shani stotra, n Adityahridayam,
donate 1.25kg uraddal and 1.25kg wheat at shivalaya sat morning;
shani is surya putra at conflict with own father in general;

Mercury lagna lord representing self placed 4th elevated in virgo,
6/8 from sat lord 9th for guru-father; mer-sat are semi friendly at conflict;
jup karaka for guru-father square with sat at conflict;
jup secretive scorpio 6th research-occult-forensic aptitudes;
mars-rahu libra 5th temperamental, stormy anger when provoked
placed 9th from 9th for father/luck etc; rise-fall in life,
stress delays in luck-education-romance-children-position;
wear brown gomedh over pendant touching heart as said;
recite hanuman chalisa;

sat-own acq 9th settling life, bhagyodaya at 36+

hope offers clues to the issue to reflect upon,

wishing well, kshantaram
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