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Re: When Will I get a Job?

When Pendant is mentioned it means wear on pendant, to avoid side effects.
Planets usually own two houses/signs one positive and one negative causing disease etc etc.

Wear them in one chain/thread separately but made in platinum etc where suggested.

Gems are suggested to benefit from positive planets or to overcome weakness of planets to strengthen them and avoid pitfalls.

Wear brown gomedh over pendant to overcome mars-rahu rise-fall impact and being temperamental. sat is own acq 9th. mercury is already elevated virgo; debilation of venus is cancelled by elevated mercury; jupiter over 6th for health-employment calling for extra efforts, may wear yellow sapphire for jup dasa, while jup aspects own pisces 10th for career and elevated aspect over cancer 2nd for family-finances not strictly required. May recite prayers, visit temples, donate etc where suggested. Can wear low cost false stones after keeping them in the pooja for a week or so beginning with the day represented by the planet wearing on the morning of the day next week after pooja-path. You can decide based on your own priorities, problems, budget, faith, etc.

hope this helps, kshantaram.
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