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Originally Posted by Hiranmay View Post
I want to add from my previous post that it might also have helped me. All this dreams about my mother have been a form of catharsis for me. Also I want to add that I felt misunderstood and that I misunderstood things said and happening around me in that period. I think having good friends around me has been vital for me, and that the impact in some ways may have been softened by this. Without these longstanding friends I wouldn't have been able to trust anyone I think. I felt very disillusioned. But the strong response from my environment kept me away from doing irrational and impulsive things which I would have regretted deeply afterwards. However I do regret some of the words that were traded between me and my friends.
On a sidenote about the effects of transits, I had mars transiting my descendant recently, and as described I met an aggressive and hostile man the day when the transit was exact. As a sceptic, and always a doubter, it gave me faith in the validity of astrological transits.
Hiranmay, thabks for your swespme reply. I recently lost my mother, and understand what you ve been through.
By the way, she got really bad emotionally last July-August,with Mars squaring her and my planets, and January's eclipse brought the end.
What planets did you have when your Mom passed?
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