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Re: Famous friend - indicators of fame in a chart

Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist View Post
Some things that you might not have considered. Doryphory, Phasis, her most elevated planet, Angularity and fixed Star placements.


"In discussing natal testimonies to fame and honors, Ptolemy in his Tetrabiblos introduces an important relationship between the Luminaries and the other planets called “doryphory” or “spear-bearing”. Planets in doryphory act as heralds, assistants and guards to the Sun or the Moon."

"Planets in the doryphory of the Sun are any that are oriental (rising before the Sun) either in the Sun’s sign or the one preceding it by primary motion (ex. with the Sun at 15 Cancer, Venus at 2 Cancer and Mercury at 28 Gemini would be in the Sun’s doryphory). Conversely, planets in the Moon’s doryphory are those occidental to her (rising after her), either in her own sign or the one following (ex. with the Moon at 15 Gemini, Mercury at 28 Gemini and Venus at 2 Cancer would be in the Moon’s doryphory)."

Read more here -


"Phasis or Appearance, also Combust and Cazimi – This is when a planet appears for the last time in the sky before traveling too close to the Sun (“under the beams”) to observe or appears for the first time after emerging from the beams. Note that for Paulus Alexandrinus of the 4th century CE this condition only applies to planets emerging from the beams and not to those setting into them. This also marks out days of planetary prominence which vary in frequency depending on the planet."

You can read more here -

With regard to your friends chart -

She has her 10th house ruler and sect light angular in a Venusian sign (Taurus) which gears the career toward Venusian outlets - signing (Venus) and prominence/publicity (Sun) are implicated here. The 7th house is a house of partnership/others and it's interesting that she is a support for another artist.

The chart is a diurnal chart and that means that the diurnal planets (Sun, oriental Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter) will be more beneficial in a general way for her. The Sun's doryphory becomes more important to judge the fame of her chart. Lo and behold, all of diurnal planets are rising before the Sun in this chart which is a very strong indicator of fame - the example given in the link is that a strong doryphory can turn a general into an emperor.

But even with this, the doryphory of her Moon is just as powerful as those same planets rise after the Moon. This includes Venus as well which is located at 4 Cancer. Both lights have very strong doryphory which is a strong indication of fame and prominence in her chart.

Both Saturn and Mercury are making a phasis and are also angular - making them very powerful players in the chart. Again, both are located in a Venusian sign which gears them toward artistry, enjoyment, mirth, entertainment, delight etc. A powerful Mercury is also important for someone who uses their voice, and the aspect from Venus is very beneficial as planets prefer to be in aspect to their dispositor. Also, Mercury/Venus aspects are indicative of poetry, song-writing, and pleasant use of the voice.

Venus is the most elevated planet in her chart, and the planet that is most elevated is said to have a general pervasiveness in the life of the native. A famous artist is a good analogue for an elevated Venus. It should be noted that this Venus disposits the sign ruler.

Also, her ascendant ruler Mars is located on the fixed star Spica - a very powerful star that is said to be of the nature of Mercury and Venus - notice the repeating of themes in various ways in her chart.

More on Spica here -

Bonus - her North Node is very close to her MC.

Based on these considerations, I can see that your friend has a lot going for her.
Oh wow, I certainly haven't considered those. Thanks for pointing that out, it's some very informative stuff.

I've run her chart in another program yesterday and noticed that she has her MC (13"), Vesta (15") and NN (17") all tightly conjunct in Leo. I don't know much about Vesta, but apparently it indicates your main focus and obssession in life and can lead to success.

Also noticed that her Sun (Taurus, VII) aspects the NN (Leo, X), which would strengthen the effect. So that is a lot going on there in the X.

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