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Re: Ancient Capricorn was a water sign

Former constellations
are constellations that are no longer recognized
by the International Astronomical Union
for various reasons.
Many of these constellations existed for long periods of time
even centuries in many cases
which means they still have a large historical value
and can be found on older star charts.
All constellations Ptolemy mapped are still in use with the exception of Argo which was split into three constellations of Carina, Puppis and Vela, because 19th and 20th century astronomers found the constellation too large to work with.

What was not used by Ptolemy and ancient astronomers, are the modern conventions of square territories. When the astrologers say the mouth of this constellation or that one, we do not know the exact place they meant, but only an approximate one.

The constellation with lines is one thing, but the image you see is another.

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