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Re: Ancient Capricorn was a water sign

Originally Posted by Whoam1 View Post
I know signs like Libra were actual once Scorpios claws. I do not respect even sidereal astrology as much as I used to, once I found out that they too use signs that are not baised on constellations. They just can't convince me that some scientific force for example makes my Jupiter (in the Pisces constellation) magically be in the sign of Aries. We cannot shape the sky to make it easier for ourselves.
The Sun is with the image of the Ram for 30 days, with the image of the Bull for 30 days and so on. So while Jupiter in your nativity is with the Northern Fish of Pisces, that part is alloted to the degrees of the Ram and subsequently Mars.

However, in the Egyptian bounds, Jupiter is in domicile. Critodemus and Valens both say that this bound is advancing and the latter says that it is prolific.

The ecliptic is real, the fixed stars are real and the turnings (solstices) of the Sun are real. Choose wisely how you are going to use them.
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