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Re: neptune opposite relocated MC?

Thank you so much,moonman! for contributing opinions about my natal chart. I am still quite an amateur in this area; I just begin to look deeper into it these months. Naturally, I want to know more about myself, so I also learned about Quincunx, yod, chiron, the cups degree (come to think about this, I have 5 signs fall within this zone). But my ideas about them are still vague. Like you said, there are opinions from both sides. I can’t be sure right now how significant a yod would be.

However, I do constantly experience the need of adjustments (Quincunx), and I think it’s very helpful to me to know about this aspect: what it means and affects my way of thinking and motivation. I now try to be aware of its influence and learn when to use well its flexibility, and when to not let it become a problem of inconstancy.

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Also the degree of 28 is really important and anything within a 1 deg orb, so 27 to 29 degrees.
Do you mean 28 degree has special meaning other than 27, 29 degrees?

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