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Re: neptune opposite relocated MC?

I have Neptune conjunct my MC and am familiar with the associated meanings with work at least. I have relocated, as I live in the States but born in Spain. So the relocation chart has Neptune elsewhere, but find the natal is still stronger.

The thing is we can not out run our charts or transits to them, but we can work around them. Run full force and embrace Neptune instead of being a victim to some of the meanings. If Neptune is bringing drugs into the life, become a councilor on addiction... volunteer in a homeless kitchen... become a part time psychic, or enjoy that part of the community.

In my own case, I have used Neptune on the MC to work in Neptunian fields, such as acting (working as someone else on phone lines), as a psychic, I am a minister, I have worked with aquariums and fish, I have bartended.. though I never drink... Use what you have, I think this is where our free will comes in, how we decide to work within our boundary.
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