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Originally Posted by IleneK View Post
Even without the chart, a T-square involves planetary bodies, since planets are the only things that actually have energy in the chart.

Points like the Asc-Dsc MC-IC, the North and South Node, the Part of Fortune, things like that, have no energy by themselves and so are not considered part of structures like t-squares, grand crosses, grand trines, etc.
So what you have is an outer planet, Uranus, on or around the Descendant.

Sun Moon trine is a favorable aspect in a chart, easily following energy between the two bodies. And easy flow between how your see yourself and how you to feel. In the water signs of Cancer and Pisces, it would point to perhaps unconsciously living out of and acting out of your feeling life. That energy between the Sun and Moon will help support you as you move toward what you are called to become in this life, the NN.

Ah, that makes more sense. A certain website I used brought it up. Now I know itís not reliable! Thank you so much for your feedback!!
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