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Re: Rsp Rishi Rahul & kshantaramji...

reyrmail : hope helps take stock, promptly share feedbacks
how true-untrue, traits-talents-health-remedies-ideas etc etc

Asc lord jup over leo 6th, liver-diabetes issues, commanding attitude;
aptitude for admin-advisory roles;
light ghee diya daily morning for saint of your faith;
wear yellow sapphire over pendant touching heart;

Sat-ketu now 1.5yr overlap transit rahu sag 10th, rise-fall,
detachment from career; pain-injury-surgery; life-reversal;

natal ketu gemini 4th, hyper-analytical,
good at information processing;
detachment from mother-motherland-property;
pain-injury-surgery heart-lungs-chest etc;
recite Ganesh Stotra regularly;

rahu sag impulsive, ambitious to soar higher in career, but loner;
wear brown gomedh over pendant; light mustard oil diya
for saint of faith on thurs mornings;

virgo-mer 7th badhaka for pisces asc,
stress-delays in marriage-vocation;

badhaka mer over scorpio 9th,
stress-delays in luck-education-travels;

sun-mars-mer scorpio,
research-occult-astro-forensic medicine aptitudes;
luck after marriage but under stress-delays;
sun lord 6th over 9th, extra efforts towards luck;
urological-heart-stomach-skin inflammations;

float 1.25kg whole green moongdal over clean flowing river
tues evenings after sunset, once a month; prayers at Kali temple;

wear red coral over copper pendant touching heart;
mars 9th settling life at 28+

asc lord jup past one year transit sun-mer-mars scorpio 9th,
mer lord 7th for marriage; hope for any last minute surprise?

Nov 5 jup enters own sag 10th for career-advisory roles;
jup trine aries 2nd for family-finances;
trine leo 6th for health-employment;

19yrs sat dasa now, sat own cap 11th for gains through
mechanics, mining, event management, old friends, old people etc;
sat debilated aries navamsa good for gains through social work;
prone to arms-shoulders-ear-knee issues;
wear blue sapphire over steel pendant touching heart;
light til oil diya tues evenings;

sat-mer dasa now, mer lord 7th for marriage;
mer scorpio and sat cap sextile supportive of each other;

lords 1/7 jup-mer square over leo-scorpio, friendly signs,
hence compatible though some challenge in the relationship;

Moon acq compatible with moon acq, cap,
Satabhisha nakshatra surrounded by doctors,
tense consciousness though bold outside;
perform japa for moon; and nakshatra pooja;
at Ayappa temple.

Moon acq airy, uncertain, breezy, reformist;
clouds blowing away with uncertain rain;

jup-moon opp gajakesariyog, victor amidst adversity;

venus own libra 8th, victory amidst adversity; sudden gains;
artistic aptitudes; chronic kidney-urological issues;

venus lord 9th for luck from moon;
sat elevated aspect over venus-libra 8th for sudden gains;
venus karaka for marriage-wife;
wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;
recite shreesooktam fri evenings;

sat next moves to natal sat cap 11th for gains much later; sat dasa;

ketu later moves to sun-mars-mer scorpio 9th,
distant lands-travels-distancing from father;
pain-injury-surgery urological-thighs-heart-stomach-skin etc to care;

hope information helps, share salient pointwise feedbacks how insightful,
and ideas to pick, hope jup move own sag 10th for career helps come Nov 5,
jup effective mid-course march-june 020;

do ack, wishing well, kshantaram
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