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Re: Will I ever gain muscles?

Here we go..another clear case of Lack of sex education here in India.

Mate, who on earth told you that Masturbating causes loss of muscles,flesh. Just see all those muscular youths around you.....most of them do masturbate. And yes, if masturbating really causes loss of muscles,flesh......then govt. should quickly ban sexual intercourse as it is the next step of masturbation and people might disappear doing "it".....!!!

Keep all those worries aside....also those notions about masturbation. Its Safe....provided you dont harm yourself.

Astrological suggestions might come later in this thread. You really need medical advice. Consult your doctor. Tell him about your malnourished body. Probably he might check you up. Suggest you proper diet. Ask you to hit the gym.

And this happens to be my 50th post.

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