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Originally Posted by ellie04 View Post
It depends on what you mean by bad synastry. Squares and oppositions DO NOT end a relationship. You have to see what else you have and these harsh aspects are between which planets? E.g. Moon square Venus is not that bad. Jupiter harsh aspect inner planets are also not detrimental. Even the so-called terrible aspect Mars-Saturn is manageable. I've seen long-term relationships with them.

If your relationship has been good, why are you worrying over astrology??
I am not a professional astrologer but to give you some idea ,i have a aquarius stellium and he has a scorpio stellium so that means most planets has square aspect.

I just showed my chart only one astrologer she top said synastry does not seem look good but composite is nice.I have beden reading a lot synastry-composite stuff and some people say composite is not actually important so I am confused.

To your last question...I REALLY don't know.I guess astrology became like a habit moreover obsessiom for me.I have an Indian online astrologer friend he does says same thing.And my bf almost banned astrology stuff if i compare our charts.He says i make myself unhappy.

I guess i am obsessed or just need some insight to guide me.

I have never seen a good married couple around me.Dont have much relatives around me but my mom and dads ,grandpa and grandma and uncles were total disaster.My pscyologist says i am perfectionalist this is why i want to guarentee everything and want to know everything.And have fear of getting married.

Before hım,with the guys i am getting close the 1st thing i was looking at charts ... Sighs....stupidness i know.

İf we go back astrology,here one lady astrologer kimbermoon told me this is my planets create confusion.I have moon in 12th and a aquarius stellium in 6th.And Jüpiter in scorpio.So one Side wants deep love,pampering and connection and the other side wants to spend time alone.So aquarius,sagittarius aries guys finds me clingy and scorpio pisces type guys finds me eccentric.With my scorpio ,Virgo rising bf i feel sade and secure and i know that he would always defend me.With an aquarius guy na,i would feel like he does not love ne enough.

And what i realized is ,til that day,i have always dated with water sign guys or who has water sign risings.Even though my planets falls in aquarius the guys were mainly cancer,scorpio,libra or pisces.

Before this guy another serious attempt was with libra sign,pisces rising.But i have not loved hım.
I have pisces on 7th house cusp,Jüpiter falls in scorpio with juno.

Never dated an earth sign though Taurus would complete my t square to grand cross which would be a different story.

Thanks ellie for your post,though my post seems like a chaos LoL but i just wanted to write my opinions.
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