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Re: Do you know bad synastry good marriage couples?

Originally Posted by turkish girl View Post
I wonder if the synastry chart tell ''the end'' for a relationship?
Hi turkish girl,

I'm not familiar with any such techniques, however generally trines and sextiles indicate stable long-lasting relastionships while squares and oppositions indicate instability and short-lived relationships.

I am myself a pessimistic person and the bad synastry with mf bf's chart sometimes makes me tensioned.(we are dating almost one year,both families met with each other)

And more importantly,if you do not want to lose this bond,how to cope with the bad aspects of synastry?

Simple: end the relationship.

You don't need astrology to tell you that. A tiger doesn't change its stripes. You both are who you are and neither of you is going to change.

You can walk away from the relationship or continue to suffer. Your choice.
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