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Do you know bad synastry good marriage couples?

I wonder if the synastry chart tell ''the end'' for a relationship?

I am interested in astrology for 5 years looked into chart as natal.Actually did not have much opportunity to analyse synastry chart ,you need both sides personal info.So I really do not know much couples with bad synastry-compoiste and good marriage examples.

Can two people be flexible? Can the two mature person cope with some hardships together? All these can make a solution to deal with a relationship?

Once I talked with an older astrologer,he has told me;''aries is just a sign,you can be a Street fighter or a great leader it is in your hand''

I am myself a pessimistic person and the bad synastry with mf bf's chart sometimes makes me tensioned.(we are dating almost one year,both families met with each other)

And more importantly,if you do not want to lose this bond,how to cope with the bad aspects of synastry?
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