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Re: i have struggles working with a person born the same day as me.

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
thank you for this reply.
i am becoming very serious and maybe too saturnian? i do not know actually. but i am more grounded than i have been before.
what i would like to add is that i am afraid to invite her to my company or so because i dont want her to flirt with any of my friends.

she has a boyfriend in other city but told us she likes to be around men and she likes to flirt with others.

its like i am a veryhonour person and when i see people do flirt and create a couple i do not disturb.

i have just an inner feeling of my weakness that she can be better than me in the eyes of my crush or in the eyes of my other ( male ) friends.

she is taller, almost 180 cm she usually wears some heels so she becomes more tall. she is nice to men because she already is in relationship that is grounded. so she is stable in her mind and doesnt need to seek for men.

i am always seekeng for someone because i havent been in relationship for ages. and in the past i was failing all the time because other women were 'better' and faster than me. so actually i have an inner feeling i cant make her meet my friends.
Thank you for this thoughtful and honest response.
What you have written describes both your natal Moon Saturn conjunction and also her Saturn on your Venus [relating, relationship].
The good thing about Saturn and its effects is that we can grow wiser about them as we mature. It is important to accept and respect yourself as you are. Easy to say, and takes a lot of practice. But it is among the best practice you can do.

I wish you the very best on your life's journey.

"You gotta have heart..." Richard Adler 1921-2012
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