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Re: i have struggles working with a person born the same day as me.

Originally Posted by IleneK View Post
Your charts are actually quite different, as you already know. I suppose what strikes me most is the role of Saturn in both charts. And her Scorpio Moon.

Neither of you has an easy inner feeling life, with both your Moons in detriment [hers in its fall!]. They are not happily expressed very easily in either of you. And by reception, they don't like each other. Your Moon in Capricorn is not only in its detriment, but also conjunct very strong Saturn in its dignity. So you have an amplified innate inner feeling of Saturn upon you.

Now this other this person with the same birth day comes along, and her Saturn is conjunct your Venus, the other planet through which you express more matured feelings. So you must feel the weighting down of Saturn, perhaps its criticism, spoken or unspoken, from her very strongly. And it resonates with you inclination to feel that way anyway with natal Moon Saturn.

It's complicated no doubt about it.

I would try to find compassion for her, by starting to feel compassion for yourself and perhaps the stern feelings or words that you make have about yourself in your mind? Like perhaps beginning to pay attention to the negative self-speak you may do, for example, when you find you made a mistake, or did not do the best of all on a project?

Just some ideas to consider to make things easier for yourself and your relationship with her, and I am sorry you having this difficulty with someone that you have to see so often.
thank you for this reply.
i am becoming very serious and maybe too saturnian? i do not know actually. but i am more grounded than i have been before.
what i would like to add is that i am afraid to invite her to my company or so because i dont want her to flirt with any of my friends.

she has a boyfriend in other city but told us she likes to be around men and she likes to flirt with others.

its like i am a veryhonour person and when i see people do flirt and create a couple i do not disturb.

i have just an inner feeling of my weakness that she can be better than me in the eyes of my crush or in the eyes of my other ( male ) friends.

she is taller, almost 180 cm she usually wears some heels so she becomes more tall. she is nice to men because she already is in relationship that is grounded. so she is stable in her mind and doesnt need to seek for men.

i am always seekeng for someone because i havent been in relationship for ages. and in the past i was failing all the time because other women were 'better' and faster than me. so actually i have an inner feeling i cant make her meet my friends.
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