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Re: i have struggles working with a person born the same day as me.

Originally Posted by Sunny View Post
Finally I think that this association is very important for you because her Saturn is on your Venus. She is the wise one (Saturn in its own sign, Aquarius), und you are the humanist one (Venus in Aquarius and in her own house). You can be very complementary to each other. Not only she will give a structure to your relationship but also you'll growing up by your collaboration as your North Node is in the same 7th house.

As you two you have your ASC in Leo, you know that you have to give you the mutual respect, and as you are the elder one (right?) you could explain it to her, also, that with your collaboration you have the good opportunity to learn patience and to master your impulsiveness. That's always better than to fight.
yes we met today and it was totally different as it was during the weekend.
she has some kind of aura of very calm and peaceful person. but it also stands for a diva like- because she is stubborn and proud.

and its very difficult to her to open up.
we work in an organisation that creates some architectural workshops in our city. its very prestigous and famous among architectural environment in my country. every student want to be in the workshop.

she is taller than me, a bit maybe fatter ( ? not fat but curvy) , has a baby face and is very independent as well.

she doesnt work and she goes to every meeting with important people in the environment. even thought its not her 'part' to to it she is always the first to go to the meeting as she doesnt study and doesnt work and has a lot of time.
as she would like to be visible in every environment as the best and the first.

for example i dont have so much time to do it and actually i do my part and other as well but she wants to be the 'general' leader as she must 'be' everywhere on every meeting ( like she doesnt trust others to be competent).

she also takes 'friends' its very childish but she creates some weird relations. when we meet for the 1st time with new people she automatically invite them as her friends to the next meeting.
im not like that and im afraid to open up with my friends as she would 'take ' some of my friends and even one crush i have now.

i must be very careful with it.

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