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i have struggles working with a person born the same day as me.

i have been working with this woman since last november 2017. She was born the same day as me but 2 years younger.
I feel we clash veyr often. She has a big pride .
She has a moon in scorpio, and she is very suspicious and she analyses a lot.
She likes to be around weaker men as strong women form whom she can take ( and not give in return).

She is very sociable, tall ( yes) she makes someone think of her like of a queen. A lot of people likeher and thinks she is someone. She is used to being talked to as a very good professional.

She asked me to be a part of a workshop we make together last november. She wants to be a leader even though we all are on the same position.
Sometimes im being stubborn and i have a wall to protect me and i dont show emotons. She doesnt understand it.

We make some architectural workshops together and i think she claims that its HER workshop because she KNOWS people.
She talks a lot ( drama) and do less but also she works hard .

She makes me more competitive as for me she wants to be the best and she strives for the leadership.
I m the same level as her. She asked me to to the workshop as a partnership, I am not gonna be on the lower level now.

Do you think i can trust her?
She thinks she can control and do a lot and doesnt say us about stuff she did. But actually shen Me or someone else does the same she is surprised in an negative way that someone didnt tell her.

What do you think?
Thank you.
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