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Re: The planets don't influence you

Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
Yes, every new Dasha period is basically seen as a new chapter and sub-periods as sub-chapters in your personal script of life. However, I've heard vedic astrologers say that if both marriage partners are in love with each other, then matchmaking charts aren't required anymore.

I see the original focus in vedic astrology mostly on moksha. So there's definitely always a bigger picture involved. So this experience doesn't really matter much in the bigger scheme. But you are right, in the classic texts there are even planetary combinations for experiencing heaven or hell after death.

That sounds a lot like Seth's approach.

The classical texts are really written that way, either sound health or plagued with severe illness, nothing in between. As a newbie who doesn't know how to synthesize a chart and put it all into perspective, it really can be depressing.

Thanks for clarifying, Julia. The way I see it western karmic astrology is mostly in alignment with the Seth material and not at all as rigid as I initially expected. That's good to know. My personal take would be more in alignment with the Abraham-Hicks approach, i.e. no lessons to learn or rungs on ladders to climb because it is intended to be a picnic and not as a test to prove our worthiness.

Many thanks for the clarification and commentary.

Interesting that karmic astrology is more along the lines of Seth material, I hadn't thought of it that way, but yes that is correct. In terms of the A-H approach, I think I have some of the same thoughts as well. We are not meant to be martyrs or victims. We are meant to have happy fulfilled lives. But I would say that life on this planet is not a picnic. That is going to be my next life, I have already signed up for incarnation on a spa planet.

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