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Re: The planets don't influence you

Originally Posted by Julia Karmic Astrology View Post
And yes of course, there is no denying that we keep repeating relationship patterns over and over again which we can attribute to fated energies. I see your point then, it makes no difference if the marriage is arranged or self selected, the energies will create the same patterns no matter how the marriage was determined.

I picked up the book by Abraham-Hicks "The Vortex" in a bookshop today and had a quick dip into it. There is a section where the question is asked, "why do relationship problems keep on repeating?"

The answer was, that the person kept those experiences and that VIBRATION alive by dwelling on it, turning the experience over and over in their mind. The solution was to create a new vibration to allow a different manifestation. It wasn't specifically about astrology, but it does show that the free will aspect is about taking a set of aspects and making something better out of them, ie evolving your expression of an aspect.

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